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Yadav J S






Media is very powerful for all over the world. Its direct and indirect impact is too much effective. Media by term, two typesí electronic media (TV, CD/VCD DVD Video Game, internet, smart phone computer etc) print media (News paper, magazine).Know a day electronic media cover very vide area. Electronic media some time play a role like a print media by e- book and e-news.  Invention of both media is achievement for science and general person because we can see, learn, read, and entertains at own home. This is a gift of science for human being. So friends we can visit any where all over the world by the electronic media with small things computer and internet. This achievement is very powerful one hand but anotherís hand itís a very dark side of life, for human being. This achievement ruined the healthy relationship, nature, and outing, lack of sharing nature, outside game for child as well as adolescents and adults. Itís result of excessive use of such things. Who can we forget; we are living being so relation, emotion and society are necessary. Itís a part of life. Without these; we are like an object or machine. So one day become face many psychological problems.  I can say with out any hesitation it is know part of fashion and a cause of fast and competitive life. Although; it is necessary to update yourself, as well as knowledge and performance to advance dimensions but it is also necessary to protect and enjoy with family members and society.

How can you forget you feel hungry? You have emotion love and aggression, for that relation itís necessary. It canít be complete with chatting to the internet or by mobile. At present many youngest people enjoy with electronic media. They become happy few year when start the journey, because you have a first aid box for your injury, you have gas for cooking, you have car for riding, you have internet for education and entertainment. Then you think why I go to out side because you have little time for your project and work.

Know trend was change not in general life but also in professional life. many multinational company provide a facility you can open office in your residence, you live with your family and work that side, this new trend gives a lot of stress in my opinion because know you are employ of 24 our with the connection of internet. You canít go any where because company can call and give responsibility to any time. This new trend is good for company and family they save his/her office, money, and responsibility of employee. If we can see other side then we found itís a good for pollution, save fuel, and exertions. But other side people become less social, live with only his family, they will not enjoy the whether and many other relations. This type of living of standard one day becomes change human nature with psychological problems. Know a question why arise the psychological problem when we live in the family, its reason 24 our live with family member they quarrel, anger, and some time they not talk, female and other family memberís will be bore because they go out side alone due to own responsibility. But when any people go to out side then they have fix time for all duties, he forgets bad moment and realize his/her mistakeís and again they concentrate his/ her work and enjoy some new people and work, then feel relax.

I give the example in my adolescent I see, I remember the era of 1980 I never forget. That time was stating of television in India and very little television at the home; cinema hall were house full because they enjoy and get together with family and friends. That time I remember itís a part of culture that they go to out side for dinner /lunch any hotel or friends. Those time land line phones were available in office or officers. But people were not habitual and not feel necessities nor realize inferiority of their family. At that time neigh borers were very close and enjoy together. Few electronic things were available but not use many families. Far the same time they enjoy all the festival together with culture. This strong relation care the old personís health and family welfare. That time people have very strong relation they enjoy together, that time one TV was in a colony then every person enjoy with that person home, his/her home looked like a picture hall, they watch TV with tea, with some snacks. If any unknown person was came that time they welcomed, it does develop good relation and communication, skill and socialization.  But know a day every one has every electronic things they have use or misuse but they want because this is a part of status symbols. And interested to see the TV serials and fashion words. Both Father and mother have no time to teach his/her child because both are working. They interest in tuition. During the dinner time most family watch the TV shows. It was also in many survey and research report that they have less time for child, for his requirement, emotion, interaction, but I am not interested to give any evidence. Know children are interested to watch TV, computer or mobile in leaser time. They have less time to play outdoor game due to his/her hattick schedule. These habits are harmful to child for physical health as well as mental health. They become irritable, aggression, less active, introvert, and obesity patient. For that it is necessary to parents spend time for his child, play with them, and read with them for the assessment of his /her actual position.

Revolution of electronic media becomes a prime subject of discussion, every conference, and seminar. At the time every one a slave of media; without media, especially electronic canít imagine how to live. When; I discuss about media how can forget 3-5 year of child. You canít imagine they are too much smart and clever than adult. They easily operate mobile, laptop, TV by the development of symbol in his mind where as they donít know reading and writing. And they read and write on the computer with interest then copies. That is the meaning know all things are changes due to time and demand. But unlimited uses of those things create many type of pollution. Younger is less interested to enjoy in the social function than chatting on face book with they become  enjoy with song, film and many other program on the internet. Then create new word for himself there they happy without any fear. They enjoy full of life with out any restriction. So media is good friend to all youngsters. They chatting deleting the massage and enjoy. They donít hesitate to some time lie and any unwanted behavior. Younger and other users of media they use electronic media for play, fun and money. They misuse many time the media by MMS without consent of that person.

Itís not means that young children and other are misuse such things but they uses it for study, career also. Know use of electronic media all over the world can be update his/her knowledge, any broadcast, result of election, any disaster, update news, data of any institution, syllabus, and knowledge of diseases, shares market result and many other latest knowledge can be update by the electronic media. This is very easy to know  perform of online interview, form railways ticket, air ticket as well as all type of knowledge you can gain in at your home. Preparation of any competition internet is useful; it provide a large library for users.

I think my message will not be complete with the discussion of matrimonial on line. Itís a very large business on line. Know role of traditional priest is less effective due to electronic media, education and awareness. Know a days this type of site is very popular paid or unpaid. Needful person can be search and submit their bio-data for matching life partner.  Lot of matching relation can be fined, some time bio data is false and some time true. Itís a duty and responsibility of searcher to clarify the true poison. It means media, not provides all time true knowledge because it is a part of business, handing by some person.  So be careful, use carefully for good knowledge and learned person but remember relation and good life.